Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Fashion Show For A Cause

On April 16th, Kapy Bash Mode had their 2nd annual charity fashion show for the women and children of the Congo. This event not only showcased the designer's, Beatrice Kapinga Bashala, Summer/Spring 2016 collection; they also showcased several talented individuals.

Kapinga at LVFW Season 1
Photo by Jeff Levy of Stylography

"Kapinga Bashala is an American fashion designer originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. She founded Kapy Bash Mode in Congo 1989. She started her brand name in France 1992. With the help of her daughter Laura Lumbayi they design, create, and customize one of a kind products. Our mission is to share with others our African culture through our designs, using trendy fabrics that make you feel unique."

Valerie Bittner
The event was hosted by the glamorous Valerie Bittner. Since it was her second time supporting this wonderful event, it felt like they were all family.

Miss Congo USA

Miss CONGO USA, Rachel Mate was in attendance.  Rachel was born in the Congo, but currently lives in Philadelphia. She spoke about the demographics of the Congo and why they need our help.  She shared that the funds were going towards education and security to protect the women and children from crimes.

Kapy Bash Mode showcased two collections, summer casual and elegant wear, for both men and women.  Some of the designs were showcased by plus size/curvy  models.  These designs can be customized for all sizes, so if you see a design you like, don't worry about sizing. 

Here are some of the lovely designs that graced the runway.

Summer Casual Collection

Leslie Flores - Plus Size Model


Elegant Wear Collection

Some of the talent at this event was twelve year old, Nia from Philadelphia, and Angie from the play, "Angie Jackson The Musical".


The products from the vendors made it on the runway, and this got the audience, after the fashion show, to stop at all the vending tables.  All the profits from the vendors went towards the charity.  Some of the vendors showcased were Perla Fragance and Beauty, and Noonday Collection.

Thanks to our VIP Seating we were able to taste cookies from Fluff n' Stuff, and sampled makeup from Cosmetic Consultant, Elyse Maisonet.


The Marketing Director, Laura Lumbayi, gave the audience an account of what the foundation did with donated funds.  The funds went towards building homes and providing medicine and food for the women and children of the Congo affected by war crimes.

Laura Lumbayi at the Charity Fashion Show and in Congo with some of the kids they are helping.

At the end of the fashion show, the talented designer, Beatrice Kapinga Bashala, was greeted by the models with flowers and she gave thanks to her sponsors, supporters, and her house models for donating their time to make the charity fashion show a success.

Kapy Bash for Mothers and Children Foundation is a 503 (c) organization with the goal to;
  • Improve the health of women and children,
  • Facilitate access to healthcare facility,
  • Provide clean drinking water, food, medicine, beneficial healthcare and education,
  • Teach Communication and Patient,
  • Emphasize good hygiene for infection control, and
  • Empower women to be self-sufficient by teaching the importance of education.

To make a donation to Kapy Bash for Mothers and Children, visit

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