Friday, January 9, 2015

Black Expo 2014

Fashion Week Inside Look was delighted to be included in the Press Team for this stellar event.

A little about the Black Expo East in their own words: "Our mission is to restore, revitalize and re-energize the African American and Caribbean community through the promotion of entrepreneurship."

Held on December 13, 2014 in New York City at the Hotel Pennsylvania, the Black Expo restored, revitalized, re-energized, entertained, nurtured and educated. This full day event gave you a fresh, beautiful, inspirational and motivational look into all that the black community has to offer the global community. With the heart of the day rooted in sharing knowledge, making positive connections with one another, and putting a spotlight on both established and up-and-coming talent, Black success was the color of the day.

Positive Divas
The Expo was kicked off with a performance by Positive Divas, a preteen girls dance troupe. These sweet and beautiful young ladies proudly showed us their dancing chops, performing to a medley of some of our favorite pop hits. You had to love these spunky little ladies. They were brimming with confidence and showed us their most important asset, their talent.

Next we were treated to the sounds of Quay and Simplicity.  Quay is a solo artist seducing the airwaves with his soulful beats and voice. Look for upcoming tracks! Simplicity is an R&B group presenting the melodic voices of three very beautiful and talented young ladies.

Listen for their upcoming single "Don't Hate."

Starting off the day with fresh faces and true talent got me in the mood to go explore what and who else the Expo had to show me. There was so much good stuff going on, that no matter how hard I tried (and I tried) I couldn't get it all in. I really wish I could have. There was so much to soak up, I hate knowing I missed even one drop.

So, I ventured into the room of vendors. Right away I was greeted by the lovely ladies of Miss Jessie's, spreading the love and samples galore to the curly girls! If you are a woman of any color with curly and/or textured hair you need to know about this product line, if you don't already. It's even available at Target.  If you are a woman of color exploring natural and curly hairstyle options, it all starts with the right care routine and products for your unique curly type. If you look to this product line for your curly needs and claim you don't find what you're looking for, I'm not sure I'd believe you. Carissa and Carolyn, who were representing the company, let me in on the new two new products hitting the shelves for Miss Jessie. Coily Custard for "kinky" hair types and Multicultural Curls for multicultural girls… and guys!
Miss Jessie's Swag Bags

Miss Jessie's Girls
What if you like to spice it up or add a little extra to what you got going on,  up on that head? Miss Sandra, from has got 17 flavors and you don't have to pick just one. After  the trial and error of cutting and then growing out and coloring and the "falling out"of her hair, Sandra decided to make it easier on herself and everybody else. Miss Sandra offers Pre-colored top grade human hair extensions in delectable colors such as Honey Drop (yum), Coconut cream (mmmm), Cherry (juicy) and the menu goes on and on. Now you don't have to hope it turns out right, know your hair game is seriously tight and choose from her bag of goodies at

Serious Hair Game

Next I visited the smart and sassy world of Colet Tees designed by Collette Williams, a lively and cool mother and new grandmom. Her t-shirts are for girls and women who are tired of not having t-shirt options with words that reflect the positive and dignified people they are. Not needing the world to think of you as "Juicy?" How about something that says "I Love Me" or "One of a Mother's Most Valuable Treasures is Her Daughter." Better, right?  I thought so, too.

Colet Tees
I spoke with the lovely Donna Michelle Franklin of DMochelle Fashions. DMochelle is a gorgeous line designed for women living with breast cancer, and for survivors. The bodice of each piece is geniously designed to minimize if not erase the appearance of being post-mastectomy, by creating modest volume through the magic of draping and tucking--making sure your confidence never misses a step.

DMochelle Fashions
In the same vein of uplifting and giving loving support to our brothers and sisters living with medical conditions that may leave them not feeling or looking like their old selves, I'd like to shine a big ol' spotlight on the wonderful people of Butterflies BBI. "Butterflies" is a non-profit organization that provides children who are experiencing hair loss due to health issues, with high quality, age- appropriate, hair replacements. Free of Charge. Please visit their website for more information and upcoming events: I loved how the importance of making sure the beauty of everybody-- and I mean every single body--was  honored at this event.

So, Lets talk jewelry :

Imani's Creations, an amazing line of earthy, ethnic and ethereal jewelry to decorate the goddess in you from head to toe.
Imani's Creations
Monicka Hasan. This artist is not only designing signature jewelry pieces reflecting the beauty of womanhood, she also creates art fit to adorn any space, made from colored wood chips proving a mesmerizing and beautiful 3D impression.
Monicka Hasan
The Jewelry Grl, artist April O'Connor, has been fulfilling her passion of marrying brass and silver wire with semi-precious stones for just the right amount of sparkle. Her table also displayed a line of neck and bow ties designed by Corey T. Bey of C.S.W. Apparel. What I loved so much about his ties is the modest but sexy Swarovski crystal embellishments. I would not have imagined that a perfectly placed rhinestone was the perfect touch for my man on a night out. BUT, I changed my mind. Thank you, Corey T. Bey!
The Jewelry Grl and CSW Apparel
The ladies of Stella & Dot bring you a full line of jewelry, giving you endless options and tons of variety. There are the convertible earrings, that can take you from daytime sparkle to a dramatic evening statement, regal bib necklaces with egyptian flair, delicate layering pieces, bracelets, bags …… basically, only EVERYTHING! With 1/2 of the line priced at $50 and below and 1/2 going for $50 and up, there truly is something for every budget, and a piece for every occasion. I'm a picky girl, and pride myself on only wearing what really represents ME, so it's not often that I see a line that makes me want one of everything. I want one of everything. Don't believe me? Katy Perry, Anna Kendrick, Carrie Underwood (just a few names you may know) and a long line of celebrities know, love, and rock Stella & Dot on the regular.  Feeling like your jewelry is "so last year?" Stella & Dot debut their new line this month. Happy New Year! You will love, guaranteed.

Stella and Dot

I got to see the future of fashion…. and it is glorious! These child designers are the stars of tomorrow, so keep an eye out for:

  • Willow and Wesley.  
  • Tickle Me Pink
  • Pinkie Sez (Designer, Tyanne Williams)

I couldn't believe what the babies are doing. OK, they're young men and women, but they are YOUNG and extremely talented.

Blog written by LVFW Lead Blogger, Feather Frazier