Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Welcome to Fashion Week Inside Look

The wisest of the wise fashion icon, Coco Chanel, once said:
"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only.  Fashion is in the sky, in the street.  Fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, and what is happening."  

Here at Fashion Week Inside Look we will definitely bring you dresses, but we will also bring you the living world of fashion, glittering upcoming events, shows we have been to, fabulous people you need to check out, buzz from the street, and fashion inspirations you just have to try.

Everybody needs a go-to girl.  Inside Look will be the best fashion friend you have ever had.

So, ladies and gents, we'd love to tell you about a great little trunk show we attended last week.  The "I Spy Fashion Indie Designer" trunk show was held in Bethlehem, PA.

Let me tell you, there were some outstanding designers presenting their lines at this show.  Standouts from the day were:

  • Jewelry designer Larissa Favier.  --  This beautiful lady is breaking ground, literally, by brilliantly repurposing oak floor boards, seemingly organically integrated with "ice." There are Nordic influences, as well as inspiration drawn from the Ashanti tribe of West Africa. While Larissa explores the beauty of all the earthly elements in her jewelry, the collection we saw was strongly inspired by water, ice, and glaciers. The "glaciers" are gorgeous ice-blue shades of resin, pieced with the repurposed oak floor boards. The overall statement was stunning. The materials are deceptively lightweight, which is so important for large statement pieces, for obvious reasons.  Fierce ladies, do yourselves a favor and check out this designer!  (Statement necklaces, $250 and up; pendants, around $90; earrings around $35).

    Some Larissa Favier creations.

  • Dust to Dawn Fashion, Inc.  --  Ms. Dawn Wilson designs and hand fashions a wide variety of hats, headbands, fascinators, "diva tams," rain bonnets, and hand-crocheted coziness for those frigid winter days.  The 1920s-flapperesque fascinators in ivory, adorned with lace and beads, would be perfect for holiday parties….or any party!  We loved the gorgeous sinamay  (banana skin) strolling hat, perfect for Sunday morning, brunch, cruises, or just a lovely spring day. Who doesn't adore hand-crocheted this time of year? Dust to Dawn offers options galore by way of headbands and neck warmers starting at $15, to keep you warm and toasty while braving the winter winds. Knit and crocheted headbands are great for girls who pile their hair on top. Avoid looking like jiffy pop by going this route. The chunkier and more luxe the better, and now you know where to find em'! Look to this shop for bright rain hats, their signature "Diva Tam", and for New Years eve maybe The Ripple. The Ripple is this line's standout fascinator, featuring a wave of black and red satin adorned with black and gold sequins, creating the upscale feel of prohibition era showgirls. Think Boardwalk Empire chic. Channel sassy, sexy art deco flare and make em' all stare,  cause baby you look good! Pick up any of these designs by appointment only at her showroom or coming to another trunk show or pop up shop near you.
    Sinimay hats and Fascinators 
    Crocheted hats by Dust to Dawn
  • "The Ripple" by Dust to Dawn
  • Boujichick Fashions  -- It was Inside Look's absolute pleasure to meet the lovely ladies of Boujichick, based in the Buffalo, NY area.  With quality being their top priority, they offer a complete line of active wear to meet every fashion need of the girl on the move. Buojichick offers lounge wear, Ts and camis, jeans, and caps with that little something extra, by way of elegant crystal embellishments. For turning it up a little, try their "Liquid Leather" stretch faux leather legging, with or without studs. Or, their off-shoulder top. These versatile yet edgy pieces are so wearable, your daughter and your mom will be raiding your closet.  Do your girls a favor, and pass on the word about Boujichick.  And, tell them to get their own!  Oh, and I can't forget to let you know the hottest jump suit I've ever put on my body was purchased from this line.  Yes, yes, they had me laying down the money, and I ain't sorry.  Keep an eye out for their spin off high end line of dresses, coming this Spring, and their gala even this Summer.  More info to come.  Keep an eye on the Boujichick web site!  
    Anne Owens, PR Director of Boujichick Fashions
  • Fashion Sixty4  --  And then we saw "The Red Dress."  I'll just show you:
    The Red Dress by Fashion Sixty4

    Bad ass red dress #2.
    Yeah, I know!  Designer S. Samuel has been sewing her entire life.  Hailing from the island of Trinidad, this talented woman came up sewing alongside her mother.  Craftsmanship and an eye for bringing out the best in a woman's body are the heart of this line.  You might want to look to this lady if you haven't nailed down that New Years dress.  There were also some great graphic black and white prints in her casual wear.  My eye got kind of stuck on the great moto jacket.  Pair it with skinnies, or throw it over a chic dress.  Done and done.  You can't lose.  
That's a cool jacket, all hand made.
To conclude this inaugural edition of Fashion Week Inside Look, we will leave you with this moment in style.  If in doubt, wear this. See you soon!

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